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Diverse guidance exists on how to best design and use a theory of change. This curriculum presents one method that does its best to align with the requirements of creating a development hypothesis for development food security activities funded by the U.S. Agency for International Development Office of Food for Peace. The curriculum draws on experience in program and theory of change development, participant feedback from five years of workshops, and input from the Office of Food for Peace monitoring and evaluation team.

TOC Annual review by year (PDF, 647.44 KB)
Sustainability Matrix (DOCX, 82.81 KB)
Slide Deck 5: TOC Pathways (PPTX, 10.72 MB)
Tool 5.1: Logframe (DOCX, 15.92 KB)
Tool 2.1a: Causal Matrix (DOCX, 14.61 KB)
Tool 1.2a: Data Synthesis (DOCX, 22.09 KB)
Tool 1.2c: Asset Inventory (DOCX, 17.88 KB)
Tool 1.2b: Trend Analysis (DOCX, 16.78 KB)
Handout 1.2c: Key Questions (DOCX, 125.03 KB)
Handout 2.1a: Problem Tree (PDF, 254.14 KB)
Handout 5.1a: FFP Indicators (DOCX, 28.97 KB)
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